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Lee Marlin

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Tub Tricks (1979) – found in the Tub Tricks and Backpackin’ collections
  • The Grease Monkeys – (1979)
  • Just Blonds – (1979)
  • Pinning a Buddy (1979) found in Pinning a Buddy , and His Little Brother collections
  • Politics Be Damned (1979) found in the House Calls collection
  • Down on the Farm – (1979) – found in the Down on the Farm collection
  • Surprise Delivery – (1979) – found in the Men at Work collection

  • Rear Deliveries (1980) – Lunchbreak scene
  • Roommates – (1980)
  • The Boys from Riverside Drive – (1981)
  • New York Men – (1981)
  • Christopher Rage’s Best of the Superstars – (1981) compilation of scenes from Solojerk and Superstars 1 & 2

OK OK. I’ve been at this one too long. Editing, verifying, uploading, re-uploading pics, better pics, re-scanning, rechecking….. OK, additional pics from Pinning A Buddy this morning and it’s time to hit “publish. Film career of 3 years? I’ve sure I will add / edit the magazine section, but I feel pretty good about the film section. Enjoy! Wait, I just found an error on the internet on Boys from Riverside Drive that I must corre… no no! publish!

and you may also remember from Lee from such magazines as:

  • Male #3 (1978)
  • PLAYGUY v04 n11 (1979)
  • Pinning A Buddy (1979)
  • Surprise Delivery (Men At Work series)
  • MANDATE (Sept 1980) – “Tubtrick” photospread
  • Skinflicks Vol. 1 No. 4 – (1981)
  • Skinflicks Vol. 2 No. 1 – (1981) – photos from The Boys from Riverside Drive , and Superstars part 1
  • Super Star Studs

You know I rely on Gay Erotic Video Index for a lot of info, but I do like to double check accuracy – check out Lee Marlin at GEVI. You’ll notice it seems like a lot more films than I have noted here – but that’s because, when possible, I like to identify the film, not the collection or collections it comes up in – you’ll see I’ve tried to do that above with all the NOVA collections

more Lee Marlin on BJland

enjoy 30 seconds from The Boys from Riverside Drive

reddit discussion of The Boys From Riverside Drive (Hand-in-Hand Films, 1981) over here.

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Hey, thanks for linking to the review for Boys From Riverside Drive! I’m assuming you noticed that there’s a link near the top coming back to your blog, perhaps we’re creating a vintage porn vortex …

Also glad you found a few pics of Lee with his stash, there are guys who I’ve seen with and without facial hair, and my default is to prefer the clean shaven kinds most of the time (I know, sacrilige especially around these parts lol) but Lee is definitely an exception. His mustache made him look even hotter to me, a lot more so than most of the pics of him without it.

Replying to myself, I fixed the links in the reddit post to reflect that all the pics are of Lee (even the one to the other blog where he said it was George Brown) because I think you’re right about that. And you may in fact be right that George from Riverside = Garry Hunt as well, though George’s hair and eyebrows are a lot darker as the doorman than Garry’s are in Dune Buddies. Similar looking nose though. Garry was in five films, all Hand in Hand, so if he was actually in a sixth one with Riverside, why would he have changed his porn name? I’m torn about that, but thanks for correcting the way I linked the blog posts on the review and I understand what you meant better now.

I know I must be getting Old, Kip Knoll was in the “Boys of Venice” , my first VHS Purchase ! I adore this blog a bright spot every day! Thanks!

I’m hoping if you have reason to believe something is wrong, you contact the authorities! I don’t know “Buck Naked” and see no contact info on his website. And it’s true, he posts very regularly, and hasn’t gone this long without posting since 2018.

Excellent profile! This goes a long way toward furthering my appreciation of Mr. Marlin, which has only been happening over the past few years. In earlier years, I tended to focus more on studios like Colt & Target and not so much on Nova. The more I learn about Nova, the more I like! Marlin is a prime example. I have a lot of cacthing up to do. Also, I never realized that he was in New York Men. I’ll have to check out that clip!

Thanks BJ!

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