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some balls

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Those are some really good balls.

1) What do we think Mr. Locke is holding in his hands?
2) Guillermo looking young I guess and very different from his loop “Full Service” with Ed Wiley. I know the theme is balls, but that dick!
3) Mark Wolf – just yum!

1) LOCKE – I thought it was a hand-rolled cigarette or joint from the position of the fingers, but naw…. maybe a rock?
2) I think for IN TOUCH he was Jaime De la Costa (or something close to that) but there is at least one Falcon video, perhaps with Dick Fisk, where his body is shaved – ewwww – except the pair are all black background, so its not as bad as it could be
3) Mark Wolf – indeed

just teasing, or course – but not spelling it right – I typed “windy face” instead of “winky face”!

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