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Ron Stevens

Ron Stevens

who you may know from such films as: Shivaree!, Illegal Entry, Warehouse Load – ( more Ron Stevens )

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Hi, anyone know where to find a copy of “Scoring a Basket” with Ron Stevens/Cameron? He is my favorite, can’t find it anywhere.

… also known as Ron Cameron.

I like this post. I figured it was appropriate to comment here, since this is from his print work, and not a movie. I also appreciate that there’s only one response – less crowded.

I just happen to stumble across this tidbit by accident. Who knew? Once again, thank you Buck Naked! We’re forever indebted to Retro Studs. I know you’ll appreciate this, BJ.

When Ron appeared in “Scoring a Basket (1976)”, with a shaved chest and shorter hair, he used the name Cameron. Later he used the name Stevens, when he appeared with a hairy chest.

I didn’t know that earlier in 1975, he appeared in a porn publication called, “Manpowered Models”. Did you? I’m not sure if this correlates with a corresponding loop he made, perhaps under a different title. “Manpowered Models” isn’t listed in GEVI. Just print?

He looks younger and has a smooth chest. I’m guessing that he must have also used the name Ron Cameron, for this:

Ron seems to be the only hot guy among this foursome. I can’t say I like his three other co-stars, especially the dude with the wild bouffant. That must have taken a lot of hair spray. : (

I recognize the nude guy posing on the wood table. He’s a vintage porn performer, but I can’t remember his name. Can you?

I wouldn’t recommend ladder sex. It’s not really safe sex, even in 1975. : /

Both of us are blessed, that Retro Studs has lots of content. I don’t understand though, why Buck Naked likes to post the same subject, more than once.

Oh well, this still never gets boring. : )

Until next time, here’s to my next vintage discovery. ; )

in defense of repeat posts – it’s hard to keep track!! i have 83 posts in my DRAFTS folder on wordpress – sometimes I am about to hit publish, then want to add “more so-and-so” so i do a quick search on my site, and might sometimes find I’ve posted before, and abandon it – or maybe i’ll add to it, more info, additional pic, etc….

Back to Ron Stevens/Cameron – he is the gift that keeps giving, isn’t he – I have seen that magazine, but only a couple pics and I long for….YEARN FOR .. a better quality pic of him in that yellow bathing suit! The other guys in the 4-some? I agree on the bouffant, that was NEVER acceptable! BUT – i think mustache guy

who gets it in the face in the above pic – is very hot – in fact, he’s in a couple of NOVA films, and I need to do a post on him, cuz I used to think he might be Joe Gage ( I am now sure he is not) but Gage was rockin that same look mid 70’s.

of course the FILM that I want to see with Mr. Stevens is Warehouse Load with Clay Russell! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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