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Ron Stevens

Ron Stevens

who you may know from such films as: Shivaree!, Illegal Entry, Warehouse Load – ( more Ron Stevens )

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Hi, anyone know where to find a copy of “Scoring a Basket” with Ron Stevens/Cameron? He is my favorite, can’t find it anywhere.

… also known as Ron Cameron.

I like this post. I figured it was appropriate to comment here, since this is from his print work, and not a movie. I also appreciate that there’s only one response – less crowded.

I just happen to stumble across this tidbit by accident. Who knew? Once again, thank you Buck Naked! We’re forever indebted to Retro Studs. I know you’ll appreciate this, BJ.

When Ron appeared in “Scoring a Basket (1976)”, with a shaved chest and shorter hair, he used the name Cameron. Later he used the name Stevens, when he appeared with a hairy chest.

I didn’t know that earlier in 1975, he appeared in a porn publication called, “Manpowered Models”. Did you? I’m not sure if this correlates with a corresponding loop he made, perhaps under a different title. “Manpowered Models” isn’t listed in GEVI. Just print?

He looks younger and has a smooth chest. I’m guessing that he must have also used the name Ron Cameron, for this:

Ron seems to be the only hot guy among this foursome. I can’t say I like his three other co-stars, especially the dude with the wild bouffant. That must have taken a lot of hair spray. : (

I recognize the nude guy posing on the wood table. He’s a vintage porn performer, but I can’t remember his name. Can you?

I wouldn’t recommend ladder sex. It’s not really safe sex, even in 1975. : /

Both of us are blessed, that Retro Studs has lots of content. I don’t understand though, why Buck Naked likes to post the same subject, more than once.

Oh well, this still never gets boring. : )

Until next time, here’s to my next vintage discovery. ; )

in defense of repeat posts – it’s hard to keep track!! i have 83 posts in my DRAFTS folder on wordpress – sometimes I am about to hit publish, then want to add “more so-and-so” so i do a quick search on my site, and might sometimes find I’ve posted before, and abandon it – or maybe i’ll add to it, more info, additional pic, etc….

Back to Ron Stevens/Cameron – he is the gift that keeps giving, isn’t he – I have seen that magazine, but only a couple pics and I long for….YEARN FOR .. a better quality pic of him in that yellow bathing suit! The other guys in the 4-some? I agree on the bouffant, that was NEVER acceptable! BUT – i think mustache guy

who gets it in the face in the above pic – is very hot – in fact, he’s in a couple of NOVA films, and I need to do a post on him, cuz I used to think he might be Joe Gage ( I am now sure he is not) but Gage was rockin that same look mid 70’s.

of course the FILM that I want to see with Mr. Stevens is Warehouse Load with Clay Russell! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

“Back to Ron Stevens/Cameron – he is the gift that keeps giving, isn’t he…” : )

So this should be of some interest to you. I did promise another vintage discovery, and here it is!

I’m continuing with the theme of unidentified actions photos, found on Retro Studs. Thank you Buck Naked!

(I do wish Buck would provide some specific details. Maybe even he doesn’t know.) : /

I don’t have any information on this threesome photo, posted below. Do you? : (

I don’t know if it’s from a film or a publication, or a combination of the two.

The only possible clue I have, is that Ron has short hair and his chest is shaved. So I’m guessing he used the early name, “Ron Cameron”, for this.

The tall guy he’s sucking looks familiar. I think I may have seen him in a nude photo. So this may be the first time; I’ve seen him in action. But I can’t be sure. Do you recognize him?

Let’s hope my next vintage discovery, won’t be such a mystery. : I

; )

quick answer – I don’t recognize the standing bearded guy, but the lighting fixture looks familiar.

was this a one-off shot on Retrostuds, or was there any context at all?

As I said above. Buck Naked has “themes” with titles like “Biker Boys”, “Giving Head”, “Ass”, “Cowboys” “Cars” etc.

On the right side of his blog, he has a column menu of his contents. The titles with big, bold, fonts, usually have picture packages of several different photos, compiled together.

So yes, I would describe this as a “one-off shot”. I only bothered to copy the URL. I’m not about to investigate what day or theme it belongs to – too much time!

I actually went through his complete blog, two or three times – exhausting! But it was worth it – a treasure trove of riches!

He started his blog, modestly in 2011. It’s curious that he didn’t post anything in 2012, 2014, and 2015.

But now he’s on fire – making up for lost time! Check out the blog archive column on the left.

I have some other “rogue” pictures from him, that I want to share with you, when I have the time. As you know, I always exhibit them with your context.

I know you’ve made contact with Woody from GEVI. Have you ever talked to Buck Naked? It looks like you would both, have a lot to share.

Looking through the internet, I know you’ve had some influence on other bloggers. So who knows? ; )

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