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Jimmy Hughes

Jimmy Hughes, who you may remember from such films as The Experiment, A Ghost of a Chance, Greek Lightning, (pic, above), Three-way is My Way, I Want Something Big among others.

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I’ve always resented the fact, that he won the “Groovy Guy Contest of 1971” over Dakota! I say the pageant was fixed. I still demand a recount.

The fact that he was also a kidnapper and a rapist doesn’t exactly endear me to him either.

Jimmy Hughes and Dakota also appeared together in the ridiculous, “Ah Men” catalogue:

Jim Cassidy was also in that same issue:

Hey, did you ever see “Afternoon Idyll”, the Colt loop he did with Erron/Jeremy Brent? It’s actually, very sweet. From this appearance, you would never guess that Hughes was a criminal.

I don’t think a lot of viewers, are aware of this film. He’s listed in the credits as “Matt”. (?)

GEVI has finally acknowledged this loop, as one of Hughes’ credits. You can tell it’s him, because of the tattoo on his right shoulder. From certain angles, you can’t tell who is who. Both of their bodies and height are pretty similar.

He looks pretty sleazy in the brutal, Falcon loop, “I Want Something Big”. His hair is especially long, and he grew a mustache. Yikes! This time, he does look like a criminal. : /

yikes – didn’t know about his crimes! as for Dakota, I know he’s a favorite of yours, but sheesh, with his body, why o why does he so often suck in his gut, like that’s a problem!!?? (he needs to learn the suck in, let half out technique). and funny thing about “Afternoon Idyll” – i have it downloaded as an Erron film.

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