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Pumping Frank

another clip from the Buckshot release: Easy Entry – starring Frank Vickers in a solo. “Frank Vickers wants to possess the spectacular image of the virile, dynamic stud he sees reflected in the mirror.”

also thoroughly enjoyed him with Neal Shaw in Magic of Power, and of course with Glen Steers in Hayfever. (When I sold this back in 2001 – “Muscular Frank decides to catch some zzz’s in a barn, and nicely hung Glen comes along and wakes him up good!” – )

check out – Frank in leather

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Frank was a hot sex machine, but i would have loved to see him in a video with Rod Kasznar which i am sure would have been explosive

Rod Kasznar, yes; reminds me that I am starting a new tag/category = porn print models – for the “porn stars” who’ve only done print, no film/video

The scant documentation we have of the gorgeous Mr. Kasznar is disappointing, to say the least.

Jim French refers to him briefly, in the big Colt coffee table book, as his assistant, a role other models also filled. No more info than that., and no photos.

Stewart, I have the same book. And it does have at least one photo of Mr Kasznar. I’m surprised the book never mentions Glenn Steers at all,not even a pic of one of Colts biggest stars.

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