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The Audition

Director: The Audition (1982?), with Mark Murray and Quinn Curtis

“When Mark Murray appears at Quinn Curtis’ club to audition as a male stripper, young and handsome Quinn is in for quite a surprise, for Mark is not only a superb dancer, he is also totally uninhibited. “

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Great pics, I’d never seen the glossy mag with the stills from this scene. Or I may have seen a few of them isolated (the next to last pic of Mark on his knees in the cowboy hat looks familiar) but never knew what they were from.

This loop was later included on the Nova compilation Made To Order, which has the exact same soundtrack as another one by Nova, Heat Waves. The only difference between the music in those collections is that they are off by a little over a minute between one and the other. I had recognized Megatron Man by Patrick Cowley when I saw Heat Waves during the scene called The Big Weenie and posted something to reddit about it on the Cowley subreddit I started, and somebody there helped me identify all of the music from the whole collection. So what’s heard in the clip above is:

– Karen Young, Dynamite
– Azoto, San Salvador
– Patrick Cowley, Megatron Man
– Gibson Brothers, Cuba
– Pamela Stanley, This Is Hot
– Laser, Laser

… and then later in both Made To Order and Heat Waves the following music plays:

– Giorgio Moroder, The Chase
– Gino Soccio, Rhythm Of The World
– Kano, It’s A War
– Laser, His Name Is Charlie
– Cerrone, Cerrone’s Paradise
– Cerrone, Supernature
– “The Ultimate Warlord”, not sure of the artist as it was covered by at least a few different people soon after it came out

All uncredited and stolen of course, I’m not even sure these Nova compilations listed the director’s name anywhere, just the cast and scene title in their somewhat cheesy graphics at the beginning of each scene. I didn’t search your blog before leaving this comment so if I already told you what the music was in Heat Waves sorry for the doubling up, but in case I didn’t (or if I didn’t mention how the music in those two collections is the same) then now I did.

Thanks bud, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind the musical diversion. Yes, lots of variety in Nova and/or Midnight Men collections, and these kinds of basic starter DJ kit mixes are found in a lot of them. Just two turntables (no mic necessary) and fading one song in while fading another one out. The DJ set (as it were) in Made To Order and Heat Waves is rather annoying, whoever the mixer is switches back and forth a lot instead of just playing songs uninterrupted. Megatron Man fades in, out, back in, back out and back in at least one more time, it’s like we’re being fucked by it lol. So that makes noting the exact times in one like this a massive pain, unlike when it’s songs that play for 4-5 minutes or more. But the songs here are uniformly some great disco tunes, and since there’s no live sound or dialogue the music makes more of an impression, or always has to me anyway.

Dormitory Daze was one of the Costello P. collections, except for Wishbone by Tantra that plays in the middle; How I Got The Story and Shore Leave are two more Nova ones with Costello’s music, as is Good Times Coming though that was a different studio. But most of the Nova collections that had music were like this one too, many artists and songs.

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