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impulse #6

“Don’s been helping Carl work on his truck but can’t resist the bulge in Carl’s overalls. Car and Don suck and rim each other in the truck’s cab and over the door before moving to the back where Carl fucks the shit out of Don.”

wait; what? over the door?

Impulse #6 – Garage (1981)

pics from the 1980 Pantheon magazine, REV #2, photographed by ADAM CADMAN

edit/update:“With Peter Gomez autograph. Nice guy. Hot sex.”

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The Mexican guy is my friend Peter Gomez. I met him in Castro Station in San Francisco around 1985. Great guy. Autographed my magazine for me!

I love the display of tight muscle in the first photo, and I also really like the last photo. Mmm-mmm!

It’s too bad the folks who made these “Impulse” film loops didn’t really bother to identify the models properly in the films or the magazine. There are some incredibly hot men in the films.

As you know, Rev 1 & 2 are Pantheon mags and I’m a big fan. I only wonder why only two of the Impulse loops were made into pictorial magazines? Are there more out there? Is there a Rev no3? I gots to know!

Excellent video clip! Thanks BJ.

The search continues!

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