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The Specimen

The Specimen

Director: Sebastian Figg (1974 ) shot on film – 60 minutes running time

Starring: Kent Banning (AKA Dick Trask), Eliot Crawford, William Margole, Demond Farley, & Chronos (AKA Jim Cassidy)

“Quirky sci-fi feature filled with kitschy special effects and ominous “spacey” music. An alien wants to experience sex, and centers on hip scientist Rick, who jets from the lab to a swinging all-male orgy. Sexy strangers suck toes as side-by-side anal thrustings occur. Rick leaves the party to find his car floating above traffic, and magically deposited at his driveway. Falling into troubled sleep, the alien wakens Rick to suck his many nipples and massive meat then stuffs him to a cosmic climax.”

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