"vintage" porn stars

whose ass is this

(or is that whose asses are these?)

10 replies on “whose ass is this”

1 and 3 look at least somewhat similar, but 2 looks like a hairier butt and legs. I got nothin’ though. Is 1 someone from Turned On?

Okay, let me try. I think that they’re all from the Colt stable.

I totally recognize the third ass, because of the leather jacket. It belongs to Byron Hawkwood. : P

I think that the first one belongs to Devlin, because it’s so beefy and luminous. : 0

Let me make a “Hail Mary!” pass, and guess that the second one belongs to Glenn Steers.

How did I do?

These cracks make me smile! : )

; )

Okay, one more chance! Let me go for broke, and bet my money that it’s Big Max aka Sam Pasco aka Mike Spanner! Wow, I actually got Glenn Steers right?! What a crack-up! : D

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