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(some) Rawhide

Looks like I posted this clip back on April 06, 2006 – when I was selling my VHS copy – but thought a re-look was in order. Oh, Chris Burns – not a fave of mine, but boy was he “partnered” with a lot of hot men!

Director: Tony Prince (1981) – only 2 films, but Tony Prince Studios is credited with distributing dozens of short films.

oh, there’s more!

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Chris Burns … absolutely not. I could never have done porn, I would have been very selective as to who I would work with or who I would not. In a word I would have been DIFFICULT! Lol.

Tony Prince had some small independent websites, like which featured men he met on his travels through southeast Asia. One model who was featured was Indonesian Shahan, who was later in Caesar’s Hardhat Gangbang, some Jake Cruise videos, and a few videos featuring all black performers.

Rawhide! LOVE it! so raunchy.. and shot direct-on-video in 1981, unusual no? Yeah Chris Burns does nothing for me either but I do think he was well cast as the plaything in Rawhide.
During the eighties, Burns also appeared in numerous Christopher Rage films, including 3 Little Pigs (1989), and Master Hyde (1988), taking fists up his ass, and what not.
From what I’ve read, Burns was in also in a long-term relationship with Jim-Ed Thompson, bondage top, editor-in-chief of Drummer in the 1980s, and 2nd runner-up at the 1986 International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago.
I know I’ve strayed away from Ray Medina. Apologies! ;)

good point about the shot on video – hadn’t realized it was so early – but, alas, that explains (at least partially) the quality – video just wasn’t up to the task in the 1980’s. Burns, like Jim Bentley – not my type, but totally reliable both of them.

There it is! Rawhide! I’m looking at these posts backwards, trying to catch up.

I agree mostly with the Chris Burns comments. Not my type, but I feel like you have to give him credit. Perhaps a pioneer of rough sex bottoming in gay porn.

Love this scene. Great clip! As you said, hot men in this scene with Chris Burns.

Thanks, BJ!

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