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what cowboys look like without their clothes

Male Stampede
directed by: J. Brian (1977?)
Starring: Bryen Neves, Dean Chasson, Jack, Joe Markham, Ken, Ray Todd, Tom, Tommy, Tony D’Angelo, Men of The Ambush, and The Falcon Men

i fergot to put together any notes on this one, but enjoy nonetheless! (and as much as I love Joe Markham, whoever the beefier mustached guy is – wowza!)

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Hi BJ,

Love your site.

I first found Male Stampede as a glossy magazine. I was immediately in love with the rugged looking mustache guy and as a surprise he also was a bottom.
His name? I would like to know.

Much later I saw the movie on VHS and now I found the movie again, it was and is very, very vintage but still fun. I edited it in a way that he’s more the centre of the story.

I’ve also wondered who the beefy guy is. What a frantic dog pile! Isn’t this the same loop as Falcon’s “Round Up”? It looks like the same cast and setting. A lot of these early silent loops blur in my mind. I can’t remember some of the titles. I was surprised to learn that most of them weren’t made by Falcon but were bought from different studios like Magnum and Brentwood by Chuck Holmes. I’ve come to appreciate them a lot more in my old age. Learning about them from GEVI and your contributions to that site, has certainly been a source of (not perfect) clarification. (“Oh, that was him!” “I remember that scene!”) I now know a lot more about some lesser known porn stars like Joe Markham, Burt Edwards, Duke Benson, Kurt Williams (Cobra) etc. I’ve never thanked you for your website and for introducing me to GEVI. Much appreciated. I am forever in your debt. Long live the internet!

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