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( Ted Turner edition?)

lots of chatter on this pornoblog about falcon model #1 – the beefy, mustached (“Elliot Gould type”) guy on the far right above – and we seem to only find him as past of this one video and accompanying magazine – Round Up (as seen in the compilation video Male Stampede).

but wait! GEVI also lists Falcon model #1 in The Warehouse! Is he the (hair dark br. thinning, body natural husky bld. some body hair, moustache) cop barely visible in the pics below, and therefore in the film??? Part of a Falcon collection called Super Jock (FVP-044) that I sold on eBay in 2002? Arrrrggghhhhh!

previously on BJland: what cowboys look like without their clothes (video); and joe-markham (+ falcon model #1).

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I have Round Up on videotape, one of those tapes I recorded when I had two VCRs hooked together so they each have a few movies on them. The guy you’re talking about is very hot, though I don’t know of any other scenes aside from what you saw.

When you referred to Super Jock by their Falcon abbreviation, FVP-044 that reminded me of their system of numbering the releases. The Other Side Of Aspen was FVP001, right? Then I believe Johnny Harden & the Champs is 002, I had a full list at some point that carried me into the 2000s anyway but I’m not sure where I put it, if it’s saved or printed out.

Do you remember those preview videos that would play right after the film you just rented? The announcer says “Falcon videopac number 4” or whichever, and then a different voice describes the quick snips they show and each scene or loop on that tape, before moving onto the next one “videopac number 5”, etc. I don’t think it was they were up into the 30s before that voice-over went away, and from Winner Take All or so on they just used quick video and audio clips from the films. But some tapes would have the full string of previews after the main feature, over ten minutes worth if I remember it right, and those were always worth watching again.

yes yes! FVP001 ran only 35 minutes in the version that cut the fisting scene – so those previews before/after helped fill the tape! I think the longer previews version was for the movies like edited Aspen I which was so short.

Of the 80 plus results when I searched the word ‘falcon’ here I can’t believe the first one I clicked led me right to what I wanted. What luck! I should grab a mask and head to a casino or something (although knowing me I’ve likely mentioned this a few times).

My comment above mentions those super long Falcon videopac preview collections that as you pointed out, they used to fill out the VHS tapes. I think you did a post for Spokes which was where I made this request in more detail, though since I couldn’t find what I was trying to describe it was just a huge wall of my text :/

But I found it! And since it is much harder for me to save clips from tube sites that it used to be (xham in particular did away with their built-in download button) I was wondering if you had this already, or maybe had the ability to get it, and if you thought it might make a good post (I certainly would vote yes!) :) I can download clips from your blog just fine but have had trouble using extensions within my browser, and on tube sites it can be riddled with ads or some other bad things.

The longest collection of previews seemed to be when Falcon got into the FVP-thirties, I know I saw one on Spokes but the clip I linked to you cut it off right when it started. This link below is for The New Breed (FVP 032) and it’s a rip of the DVD because it includes the DVD extra scenes The Lifeguard and Policeman In The Park. But if you skip ahead to about 1 hour 44 minutes that’s where the previews start, and it lasts for a good 25 minutes on this version:

So even if you decide against making this into it’s own post someday, which of course is totally up to you, at least now I was able to find it and let you know what that crazy zephyr guy was talking about. I love the way the short scenes are all edited together, and the voiceover guys (there are two) make it just a classic memory of when I was still renting tapes in the 90s and saw this more than once.

It’s hard to figure out what model you’re referring to. And the guy that remotely looks like Elliot Gould is on the left,(second to last) Do you mean the model with the thinning hair being split roasted?

oops! where did that Elliot Gould comment come from??!! you’re totally right, that was confusing. yes, far right in first 2 pics, then cocksucker, then man in middle.

HOT, the beefy guy is awesome, and the rest aren’t bad.. but to be spit roasted while straddling a fence took balls. thanks BJ U DA MAN….

I don’t currently have either film, but I have done obsessive research on this. BJ, sometimes it’s like we are sharing a brain. Hey, that’s why I can’t remember anything!

I finally became resigned to calling them by the “names” that Falcon assigned to them as I have never been able to uncover any other real names for them. I just know they are both super hot as well as frustratingly rare and mysterious.

OK, here’s what I have from my notes on Falcon Model #1 & #2:

Falcon Model #1 is the muscley, mustachioed guy on the right (from “Round Up”) as seen above and I believe he’s the “cop” or security guard from “The Warehouse.”

Which would make Falcon Model #2 the other guy in “The Warehouse” with all the tats and muscles. He also appeared in Target Javelin No1 Pages 43 & 44 where you can really get a look at him and his distinctive tats.

BJ, I will send you pics. Although you probably have your own. You had already figured it out. I guess I am just confirming.


i had NOT made the connection to JAVELIN #1 – that magazine is a project in itself, right?

“Falcon Model #2”

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