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#1 – My beloved, beautiful beast, Ledermeister! Grrrrr! : )

Yes, the zippered, black briefs are ridiculous. But this still makes for a hot photo; because aka Paul Gerrior, had a rockin’, beefy body! Look at his thighs and calves – powerful! He looks as strong and sturdy, as an oak tree – awesome! : 0

Name it; there isn’t a part of the male body, which I don’t find sexy! I’m glad we both agree about legs – great subject post! Richard Locke and Mickey Squires also had great legs!

This is why I tend to prefer stills of porn stars, as they’re standing. You’re able to savor every physical detail! : P

Leave it you, to always bring up a subject, where we can both celebrate! Your posts allow me to elaborate and segue! : )

I mentioned before that I’m a self-described, “Vertical Size Queen”. : )

Seeing men over 6 feet, send me over the edge! Not that I don’t also appreciate “pocket studs”. But tall men have always struck me as being especially masculine – like they’re made of steel!

I love savoring beautiful, tall men who are also well built! So of course, this includes my favorite male celebrities and porn stars – long stemmed beauties! : P

My all time, favorite male specimen was of course, Clint Walker – God’s masterpiece! Howie Long was also pretty spectacular! : )

Yeah, a number of tall porn stars may not necessarily be great performers. : (

But strictly as eye candy, they can’t be beat – dominating presence!

Is it any wonder why I like viewing such stars as Zak Spears, Arpad Miklos, Randy West, Maxx Diesel, Rex Chandler, Erik Rhodes, Austin Wolf, Colby Keller, Pierce Paris, Aaron Ridge, Mark Slade, Spencer Reed, BJ Slater, Robert Van Damme, Jeremy Walker, etc.

I’m always willing to cut a porn star some slack, if he’s rugged, masculine, muscular, and TALL – Alpha Hunter!

A good example illustrating this would be Ken Ryker (6’4”). Here’s a great picture of him – long, powerful legs and a long dick! He reminds me of actor Sterling Hayden (6’5”). Their eyes are similar.

Although visually stunning, I admit he’s less than stellar, as a performer – pretty self conscious. : (

In my opinion, the two exceptions where he doesn’t seem stiff are “The Other Side of Aspen 4: The Rescue (1995)” and “The Matinee Idol (1995)”. In both films, he’s paired with Jake Andrews – great chemistry! The right partner can work miracles!

He was well-hung, though his dick did droop. In his high school locker room, he was nicknamed, “The Fire Hose”. : )

By all accounts, he seemed to be a nice guy. Chi Chi LaRue described him as “a man-mountain of sweetness.” : )

Anyway, I found this stunning picture below, of Ken Ryker with his natural hair color. A number of blond porn stars are really light brunets, with their hair bleached.

Wow, I think he looks incredible here! Once again, look at his long, powerful legs – so sexy and awesome! : 0

I’ve been waiting, to eventually share this with you. I knew you would have a post; where this picture would be appropriate, to the subject matter as hand. You always come through for me! : )

As Rod Stewart would sing:

“Hot legs you’re wearin’ me out!”
“Hot legs you can scream and shout!”

; )

Mmmm…me too, love me some Ledermeister.

Is that 2nd pic Richard Locke with his butterfly hip tat?

I love looking at men’s legs. Makes me wish for summer.

Thanks, BJ!

Oh, I forgot about Mickey Squires…in a jockstrap! I’ve never seen this promo pic from Red Ball Express. Nice!

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