“Ok honky, let’s show what real integration is”

directed by: J. Brian (1971/3?) Starring: Joe Markhum, Joe Nash, Ray Jackson, Kerry Clausen, John Robin, Todd Miller, Lomon Jay
I posted a clip way back in 2004, and wanted to re-post again, but it sat in the drafts folder for years! Now we’ve got the bandwidth to do the entire film – so enjoy.

Gosh, why isn’t there a JOE MARKHUM fan club? (or do you say JOE MARKHAM?) Such a doll, that thick curly hair, long sideburns, great cock and ass, and a playful readiness in all his films. Anyway, about this particular film – J. Brian’s FOUR, MORE THAN MONEY. Produced in 1971, it’s based on Phil Andros‘s autobiographical 1966 novel, STUD – actually, $TUD, but it reads funny when you type that.

Fantastic opening scene, where easy-going hustler Phil (Joe Markhum) is getting a bad blow job from a john (“feels like I got myself a scraper here”), as the voice-over narrates the introduction to other past scenarios, so that he can get “inspired” (i.e. HARD) in order to finish up with this trick. Joe Nash as the amateur bodybuilder (also “trade”) is a bit too awful/funny to get excited about (!!).

and of course, just the opening alone makes you want to grab your SHAZAAM app to ID the tunes!

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Thanks for another holiday treat. 1971? WOW!

There was a version of Pieces of 8 with all original music that I was never able to find anywhere else. “missions flowing fountains”, “if I hold you in my dreams” and others.

Oh another 8mm to tape there was a long disco synthesizer song “the chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one but still they come”. I never found that song anywhere then but later it was used as Jeff Wayne – Eve of the War

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure how autobiographical this was. I’ve read a lot about Samuel Steward (aka Phil Andros, Phil Sparrow, et al) and he was a college professor (who frequently seduced his male students in exchange for a passing grade and kept extensive encoded records of all of his conquests) who then later became a tattoo artist (who regularly seduced his male clients in exchange for free tats). He was also an amateur pornographer, but he never worked as a hustler. However, he did employ hustlers on a regular basis throughout his life, some of them famous physique models (I think), so he may have based this book on one or more of the rough trade hustlers he knew.

Fascinating man, fascinating life.

hmmmm – I wonder if a better description might be “based on $tud” which was semi-biographical? I may well have sold my only copy of that book. Alas, if i search my hard drive for $stud – i get the back and front of the 1982 re-issue (which I sold) ; if i use the “S” instead of “$”, STUD – I get 2600 results; Andros, a bit more manageable, and it makes me realize there were a couple paperbacks I should have hung onto rather than sell. Even the re-issues I should have hung on to – I think BAD BOY put out one or two, with those awful mid 1990’s covers.

So he never hustled?

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