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January 30, 2016


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who you may know from such films as Up Tight! ( AKA Closeup, with Nick Rogers), and Satisfaction (AKA, Bull Dozier) a solo – alas, just TWO FILMS! too bad this pair never made it on film.

lots more pics here: – – – – retrostuds

and here: – – – – vintagegaymediahistory

January 28, 2016

just because

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it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Mickey Squires in a cowboy hat

January 27, 2016


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all I know is he’s the cover model for a catalogue from 1975

January 26, 2016

Parker Davis

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Timberwolves (1977)

Mike Davis

January 22, 2016

the leather boys

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by Target

Matt Harper

PLAYGUY (#1) v01 n01

January 19, 2016

Kyle Hazard and….. Mark Anthony

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looks like Mr. Anthony has only been in one porno film, with Kyle of course, Mating Games

January 17, 2016

Bruno’s butt

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sorry for the “just ripped out of a magazine” quality (can you tell I lifted it from an eBay auction page?), but still, nice shots! who’s the bottom?

January 15, 2016

Is that you, Don Talon?

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from Sculptures of Macho Males (Paean Studio 1978), is that Don Talon in the middle above? (and the back of his balding head, below?)

Just 2 gay films, ( The Ax Master (1977) and Cruising The Castro (1981) – I’ve always suspected it was filmed a couples years before this release date) and one bi – Split Personality – wonder if that’s really him. – and that’s it!!??

below, from Falcon’s The Ax Master

January 11, 2016

Mike, Jayson, & Chuck – the Manhanlders

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Manhandlers no 3 (1980) (not much info here)

January 9, 2016

Gallery 5 Ledermeister!

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who’re your friends? ( I know I’ll get in trouble for this one, the standing blond facing us is…..)

from Colt’s Gallery 5 – ledermeister! (1971)

some from Gallery 5 were also featured in Best of Gallery 2 (1974)

really wish I had this one – or at least a much better quality version of the second pic of Ledermeister! and his buddies (wonder if JEB! got the idea for ! from ledermeister!)

January 7, 2016

Bruno and…?

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who’s the blond?

from Colt’s Gallery 10 (1973)

January 4, 2016

Officer Mike Davis

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more Mike Davis

and more Mike Davis

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