Matthew Herbert Remix 01

I was certainly ready to not be impressed, as I’ve found his remixes to be too, um, er, um, noise-focused? so Remix #1 was a pleasant, no make that – AMAZING surprise! She sounds fantastic, and each listen you hear some new subtlety you hadn’t heard before, and he allows her vocals to soar! I wouldn’t have bought it without a first listen on the web, and was blown away. Five easy paypal bucks later, I was blasting the 4 mixes to the great annoyance of the neighbors!

I can just picture her floating in deep dark space singing this gorgeous song! And i really love the 2nd remix, too. But listen to this one before hearing the 2nd; and then there are 2 instrumental mixes – all in all, 4 mixes, which will then really make checking out the fan re-mixes, when they go to town with them.

3 replies on “gorgeous!”

I missed Bjprk from Vespertine album time. And I have impression now it is going to be continuity of that atmosphere and sounds. Cannot wait for the new album.

I like Vespertine the most as well. When I saw that Matthew Herbert is remixing I thought that maybe she asked the Vespertine team to work on the new one as well. There are few artists only making me so excited waiting for a new album.

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