That Boy

That Boy
directed by: Peter Berlin (1974)
Starring: Peter Berlin; plus Aaron Black, Walter Wright, Rickey Davis, Steven James, Phillip Martin, Rock Action, Mars, Mukluk, Wally, Kapp, Gail Joy, David Venice, Justn Sullivan, Bobby Star, Surreal Star, Timmy Mukluk, Pristine Condition, Liisa Mukluk, K, Chastiy White, Bill Bowers

The second of only two films he appeared in; this one Berlin also wrote, directed, and produced. A simple tale of a young lad trying to find true love. Constantly hit on, poor Peter finally finds a lover who can see the real him – young blind man, of course. The brief glimpses of hippies, San Francisco in the early 1970’s, and Berlin’s self-made clothes are just priceless.

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