Gallery 7

Bill Eld and Dick Trask

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Dude! You are on it. This shot is I bet on the same day these guys did The Posing Strap–one of the few explicit efforts from Colt of that era. Ahhh, Colt of that era…

Keep ’em comin’, bro.


from the great Gallery Series – this was from #7, published in 1972, the s0-called “pocket-sized” 5.5″ X 8.5″ magazines they put out. (Can you imagine stuffing a COLT magazine in your back pocket, especially back in 1972???) Alas, I don’t own this, but grabbed the image from eBay some years back.

Dude – dig out ALL the Bill Eld you’ve got and do a retrospective….he deserves to be enshrined and worshipped into eternity !

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