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All-American Boy

Are they still around? The one on Christopher Street closed years ago, and I remember one in San Francisco and Fire Island – and a Google search shows one in P-Town…. hmmmmm. And who can forget it’s brief appearance in the 1984 Steve Scott film, Non-Stop, where Steve Collins portrays an airline steward who goes from L.A. to New York to visit his best pal Casey Donovan.

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Sadly, San Francisco’s All American Boy closed a couple of years ago.

And thanks for the reminder of one of my favorite flicks!


Hi BJ!!

We had a store in West Hollywood, and that closed about 12 years ago. They didn’t sell much… don’t be surprised to know that much of the younger generation is into Ambecrombie and Fitch… If you ask me… we lost our closet to American entrepenurs (sp)

Loved the scene in Non-Stop that had the 3 in bed together and fucking going on sandwiched between them all. So very sexy and real.

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