Et Dieu créa les hommes

Et Dieu créa les hommes

And God Created Men
directed by: Jean-Étienne Siry (1978)
Starring: Yvons Saunders, Guy Charrier, Jean-François Dumas, Gabsy, Fréderic Fist, Lucien la Fontaine, Bob Ferrer, François Lebel, François Lecock, Jean Lozère, Ali Saadi, Denis Santos

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Hi there BJ!.. your fan from West Hollywood here… I have to say that your last postings have been great. The one “Et Dieu crea les hommes” is fantastic. I know you have been having some late Winter, I hope you get less snow and more sun so that you get out there and share in Spring which is about 5 weeks from now. At any rate. Do you remember sending me those boxer shorts, underware?… Those have seen some action here in the California… At any rate. Stay warm. Greetings from West hollywood, Arturo.

I’ve wanted to see this movie for years! French gay porn of the classic era is really given short shrift, save the works of Cadinot.

Hello BJ,

I just felt on your blog and it reminded me good time ! This is the first gay movie that I saw in a theater in Montreal. It was in 1982, I was 17 at that time. Reminds a lot of souvenirs. My first relation with a boy but that’s another story…

I tried a couple of time to put my hand on a copy of this movie, but wasn’t able. It is really old, and since it is in french it is probably even harder to find.

I have a favor to ask, and I guess you see me coming … if you have it in digital format, would you be kind enough to send me a copy /said a little bit shy/ ?

Thanks and have a happy 2014 !

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