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not Tom Selleck

From the magazine Night Lust, we’ve got Doug Weston on top of Max Cooper (AKA Max Montoya) in this great scene from Gayracula where the vampire (Tim Kramer, not shown) goes to a blood bank to get his fix rather than taste his new boyfriend’s blood (and turning him into a vampire). Gotta love porn with good plots!

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Yes. Doug Weston. Great looking guy and great junk. Sadly, the only time I ever saw it anywhere near decently hard was in “A Matter Of Size” as he’s about to fuck Bill Henson and Eric Stryker. Anyone disagree?

I think that Doug Weston is in his best physical condition in this film. You notice that he has a reluctance to take off his shirt in other films, because he gained some weight. I think that Max Montoya also looks his best in this scene. He looks more rugged and muscular. In his later films, he’s unrecognizable because he got so thin. Cooper and Montoya is the same guy, right? I could imagine that some might dispute that. Even GEVI has some doubt.

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