such big sunglasses!

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Hello dude!
I am very happy to find your multiple web.
It is very nice to know a man who give a name to our best hobby and lover: PORN
“Pornology” – from PORNO and STUDY. Excellent!!!
-It is my first time I read this word.
I am latin, 35 years old. And love Porn. With a big video collection. About From 2010 to 2013
Lately I am descovering CLASIC PORN. Really i know Now why are CLASSIC.
There are true treasure ART in gay video porn.
Saddly i knew too Mister “Chad Douglas” died in 1999.
My daddy died in 2000. And i am interested in him.
I was searching about his videos.
I found TITLES like this:

BELOW THE BELT – 1986 – California Dream Machine Productions
GIANT SPLASH SHOTS 2 – 1986 – Falcon Studios
SPRING BREAK – 1986 – Falcon Studios
TYGER TALES – 1986 – Tyger Films
BIG GUNS 1 – 1987 – CATALINA Laguna Pacific
COLOSSAL COCKS – 1987 – Falcon Studios
IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS – 1987 – Falcon Studios
TOO BIG FOR HIS BRITCHES – 1987 – Tyger Films
SPOKES 2: THE GRADUATION – 1988 – Falcon Studios
MANRAMMER: A BATTLE OF SIZE – 1989 – Falcon Studios
SACK WRANGLERS – 1989 – Falcon Studios
SPLASH SHOTS. – 1989 – Falcon Studios
SPOKES – 1989 – Falcon Studios

I do not watch this videos. here in my country is difficult to find gay porn.
I am specially interested in to know from where is a scene
when Master Chad Douglas is at the table with a blond young boy.
Table is in glass and he show his cock
and boy sees the big cock through the glass.
Then they talk and finally Mr Douglas fuck the boy.

I think I’ve seen that scene somewhere.
when I was younger and I was in college.
I can not find it,
I do not know, the name of video it belongs.
I would like to get your help.
My email is

Please Sir you can help me?
Do you know COLT vides?
wow great videos!
My name is John and i live in Lima Peru – SouthAmerica
please email to me with answer or tell me how i can do
to receive blog updates.

your new friend

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