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My name is Lee, what’s yours?

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Good question, this picture doesn’t seem to correlate with any of Ron Zale/Lee Brubaker’s credits on GEVI. Then again, GEVI isn’t always accurate. To Woody’s (from GEVI) credit however, he has done a fair amount of updating. Maybe this image was from print only? This has got to be one of the rare instances, where Brubaker appears to be the aggressor. I like the contrast between the light and dark hair. The other guy looks familiar. Looking at his eyebrows, forearms, and mustache, you can tell he’s a natural, super-blond.

I think Brubaker must’ve done a LOT of print – see lots of great photos that just don’t link up to any video.

You’re probably right, Obsessed. And Colt Thomas looks more muscular that this sexy gent (although we all know that muscle-tone can change from month to month).

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