Byron Hawkwood

Pretty sure he never appeared on film or video; pretty sure this is an early 1980’s pic, when the “girlier” underwear started appearing on Colt models. More pics of Colt’s Byron Hawkwood

quick update: I think Colt’s Spurs #4 may have been where the bulk of these pics come from, and that issue came out in 1980 – he’s in about half the photos from this 48-page publication (my notes from selling this some years back: “on a boat, in and around water, with “regular” and fu-manchu style mustaches; not to mention the amazing body and smile that won’t quit!”

Byron also graced the cover of Mandate’s May 1980 issue.

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Not to be pedantic, but the other mustache style he wears in those photos is a “horseshoe.” A “Fu Manchu” would have two strands of hair growing long and depending below the chin. I love Hawkwood, too. Looks like he loved showing off his beautiful, beefy ass.


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