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Byron Hawkwood

Pretty sure he never appeared on film or video; pretty sure this is an early 1980’s pic, when the “girlier” underwear started appearing on Colt models. More pics of Colt’s Byron Hawkwood

quick update: I think Colt’s Spurs #4 may have been where the bulk of these pics come from, and that issue came out in 1980 – he’s in about half the photos from this 48-page publication (my notes from selling this some years back: “on a boat, in and around water, with “regular” and fu-manchu style mustaches; not to mention the amazing body and smile that won’t quit!”

Byron also graced the cover of Mandate’s May 1980 issue.

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Not to be pedantic, but the other mustache style he wears in those photos is a “horseshoe.” A “Fu Manchu” would have two strands of hair growing long and depending below the chin. I love Hawkwood, too. Looks like he loved showing off his beautiful, beefy ass.


Great post. He also played the male lead, under the stage name “John Ferris”, in a pretty fascinating 1978 gay/slasher movie called “Monique”/”New York After Midnight” in which he plays an artist, who marries a wealthy French expatriate woman, Monique, to further his career. She then then goes crazy after discovering that he’s into guys. There are some pretty amazing scenes filmed in gay clubs in New York, including Ice Palace 57 and another one, which is maybe The Cock Ring (not sure). Arnaldo Santana/Malo also shows up towards the end as one of Monique’s victims. It’s not the greatest movie, but it’s a really interesting record of gay New York in 1978, showing bars and the piers and the “Clone” look, at its height. The movie was made by the French director Jacques Scandelari in New York, who also filmed the incredible, and really wild, porn film “New York City Inferno” (partly filmed in the Mine Shaft and also viewable online) at the same time.
In the movie, he’s not quite as muscled as he became later (thought still very fit). The “John Ferris” name was only apparently used this one time and I was wondering who he was (he looked vaguely familiar, but couldn’t place him) and finally I saw a photo of “Byron Hawkwood” on page 53 of the November 1980 edition of Mandate that shows him on a sailboat with the same haircut, facial hair and level of muscle.

OK – wait, how often does MALO get killed in Hollywood movies???? back to Mr Byron – sexy as hell, even if I was snarky about the undies – he can get away with it. back to that film – would be cool to see it (for free)

from OLYMPUS #8 (1984


I’ve always loved this droll picture of him relaxing – chill. The shades, the moustache, the blow-dry hair, are so very ‘80s! : )

Here’s another B & W Colt picture that I love – beefy and juicy! He looks fabulous in leather – that ASS! We are forever indebted to you, Jim French! You knew how to pick them – thanks! : P

Wow BJ, you attract some very informative followers!

nc, thank you so much about that scoop on Byron Hawkwood! Who knew?!

He’s actually an actor with the real name of Duke Valenti.

You and your readers will appreciate this, BJ honey. Don’t forget to scroll down to the comment section; looks like “nc” really gets around! : )

; )

yup – no doubt NC gets around…. and Byron – some of the leather pics are in SPURS #4, and at least another in COLT CALENDAR MEN #3: Leather (don’t know the year, but likely all these pics are from late 1979/80ish.

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