Bjork – Stonemilker

Bj√∂rk “Stonemilker” directed by Neil Curtis from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

not an official video release, and not sure I care for the video as a visual for this beautiful beautiful song, but how long did you think I could hold out not posting Bjork-related stuff now that the new album is out? such an amazing opening song to this great new album!

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love the album! joke with my partner is that he’ll finally get me to a museum. and we see her live at City Center.

The exhibit sounds incredible, you probably already saw this but here:

A separate room for each of her solo albums, with the headphones so you can listen to that music at the same time? Along with everything else they plan on showing… sheesh that would be off the hook! You’ll regret it for a million years if you don’t go.

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