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Cadinot, Jean-Daniel (1944-2008)

By 1978, when he turned to filmmaking, he had published 17 photo albums, which had sold more than 170,000 copies.

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I saw a number of Cadinot’s films in the early 80s, the best was ‘Carnival in Venice’, which has a fantastic orgy scene with a gorgeous black man getting fucked. There’s a girl in it too, and she really knows how to suck.

I’ve got some fine 70s vintage mags that I got either off naughtybids or at the old Gay Pleasures store, long closed. Several of these are of Ray Fuller, a fabulous Dick of the early 70s, and who was still alive at last search (but that’s also back in the early 00s. At the time, he was said to be living in CA but would not give interviews.) I got the original Toby mag. from Colt courtesy of you telling me about it on naughtybids, and I’ve seen your posts on him since 2010 occasionally. We didn’t know till 2010 or ’11 that he had died in 1993, it was for some reason kept secret, then everybody knew.

Are you familiar with Ray Fuller? I’ve got him mags ‘Ballin’ With Ray’, ‘Good and Plenty’, and some others, all showing his effortless male beauty. Some of those ‘Dead porn star’ sites are gone now, like Charon’s Ferry, which was a good one. Smutjunkies is still there, but I remember that I inquired about Toby back in 2003, and they refused to say, but said “I do know something”, then some bullshit about ‘letting legends be’, which is absurd.

This site is very heartening though. I see you’ve been faithful to these beautiful men through the years just as I have. So often it seems as though they’ve been forgotten.

Oh yes, I almost forgot ‘Homologues ou le Soif du Male’, also know as ‘Paris Blue’, which I saw at the Adonis in the late 70s. This is a sublime French film, and French guys I knew at the time had seen it. It is now seemingly inaccessible, although I’d give anything to have a copy of it. There’s a fantastic scene of a hot mustachioed guy in hot shorts at an old pinball machine who is taken home by the main character and fucked unforgettably (it’s the guy’s ass that is so perfect and the expression on his professional’s face–he knows how to get fucked in that very still and attractively self-possessed and impassive way.

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