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Gus Kubeck

don’t know who Greg, er, Gus, Kubeck is, but we like his trousers

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Mm-hmm. Nothing shows up about Gus (Gus, not Greg by the way) Kubeck on gevi but he was apparently a Colt man, and at least did some print modeling if not any actual films:

Also I commented on your colt calendar post the other day but got no response… are you still with the aol email address, or has it changed?

You did? I just checked my email and there was nothing from you, neither my inbox nor spam folder. Could it be you just saved it as a draft?

No biggie anyway, at some point I want to try to take better pictures of each of the pages, or possibly scan them though I don’t want to damage the magazine too much. If I get decent images of the interview maybe you can post it here and share with your readers. I thought it was really interesting to read about him in his own words. Anyway cheers, take care.

I never did get an email back from you, are you SURE you sent me one? Cuz now I want to know what it said, lol. If I can get some decent scans of those pages I’ll email them to you in the next few days, and then if you want to post them here that would be awesome. It could be the companion piece to the one you’ve got on his directors page already.

resent last night, and responded to your awesome scans from the AL PARKER Torso issue! thank you! thank you! thank you!!!

That is so weird, still nothing from you via email. Yahoo is annoying in all the usual ways but nothing atypical on my end, that I’ve noticed. Well I’m glad you received, and liked, the scans of that Torso :) And I hope you’re good man.

its something wrong on my end. I just tried emailing FROM my aol account to my work account, it shows up in my SENT folder, but nothing received! can’t figure it out!

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