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gay barresi

not sure my list is comprehensive, but I only counted ones where he either has sex with a guy (rare) or whacks off in a gay movie – pretty sure I’ve seen nearly all of these – know which ones are “merely” whack off jobs, and which are more?

Challenger, pt 3 (1976)
Hungry Hole (1976)
LA Tool & Die (1979)
Men of the Midway (1983)
Falconhead Two: The Maneaters (1984)
What the Big Boys Eat (1985)
Hot Male Mechanics (1985)
G.I. Mac (1988)
Good Cop, Bad Cop (1990)
Cops, Jocks & Military Feet (1992)

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Well he fucks the woman in the outhouse while being watched by the backpacker in LA Tool & Die, right? That may be his only scene in that film. I scanned down the column on his gevi page where it sometimes lists his role in the scenes with abbreviations, Ogr, At, NS and that kind of thing. When those are listed, I’ve generally found them to be accurate – though there are many gaps too.

oh yeah, so I probably shouldn’t count L A TOOL – but my god, when he whips the condom off and throws it at the kid whacking off watching them!

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