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leather weather

It’s cooled off in town, just in time for Mates Leather Weekend XXIII – (but you might want to wear a sweater!)

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The 5th picture, two men at the loading dock. The guy seated is Fernando Ascencio (who starred in “Leather Narcissus”. Do you know who the guy standing is?

good question, but alas – at the moment, I do not know. I actually changed the filename (rats!) so no easy reference from looking at that – but I will let you know if I figure it out.

#3 – I used to feel a little guilty, responding to your posts so late in the game. But I see others have also responded, years later, so now I don’t feel so bad. I appreciate that you make this possible.

I want to full-heartedly thank you, for posting this Colt picture, of the scrumptious, Kurt Kittridge – pocket stud! Is there anything more irresistible, than a hot guy who looks so ruggedly handsome, ripped, and masculine, yet at the same time, so cute and adorable? What great skin and no tattoos!

Aside from Colt, he also posed for another gay porn magazine, which I used to own. I have a vague memory that it was Advocate Men, but don’t quote me.

Alas, he only made one porn loop, but in my opinion, it’s an unheralded classic. I wonder if you’ve ever seen it. The title is “Lovers in Summer” and it’s included in the two collections, “Buckshot Video Collection” and “Couples 1: Colt Men on the Make”, both released in 2000.

I remember renting one or both of these collections. There was another loop in it called “Workload”, starring the beautiful pair of Tony Ganz and Mark Sierra. This originally got my attention.

Sadly, I found “Workload”, to be disappointedly dull, despite the obvious eye candy. However, “Lovers in Summer”, more than made up for it! What a great surprise! Who knew?

Kurt Kittridge’s co-star was fellow Colt man, Jock Peterman. He’s taller and heavier, with a long torso. Strangely enough, I don’t find his Colt photos, to be as flattering as how he looked in his three porn films. He looks so much better, clean-shaven with a softer haircut.

Under the name “Jason Storm”, Jock Peterman appeared in “Dynastud 2: Powerhouse (1994)” and “An Officer and His Gentleman (1995)”. Woody from GEVI doesn’t seem to realize that both performers are the same guy. He has two separate profiles.

Woof! What a beefy daddy! I defy you to tell me, that he doesn’t look better here, than in his Colt stills!

(Click on the two picture icons, on the right.)

I’ve seen “Lovers in Summer” endless times, and still don’t get bored with it. It isn’t perfect. At one point, Peterman breaks character and looks directly into the camera. Plus, the music tends to get a little overbearing.

But it’s still wonderful enough – very moving. The film observes and embraces the masculine couple, with a genuine warmth and sexiness. There’s a macho sweetness, at the heart of it. The loop is filmed in a way, to make you feel like you’re eavesdropping. Aside from looking fantastic together, both stars appear butch enough to be Marines. Maybe they are.

Anyway, here’s a preview, in case you haven’t seen this loop before:

And if you have the time, here’s the entire film:

; )

OK – before commenting on content – I keep having to change my settings for you! Heehee! there’s a default setting for maximum links – otherwise the system assumes it’s SPAM; it’s not automatically deleted, but held for me to review. hence, the delay in letting it post

Thanks BJ, for accommodating me – really appreciate it. “Lovers in Summer”, really is worth viewing. I hope you find the time to see it. I forgot to mention that there’s a lovely moment at the beginning, before these Colt studs, get hot and heavy. Peterman tenderly strokes Kittridge’s six- pack, with his knuckles, and the back of his hand. *SIGH*

They’re booty buddies, prick pals, or carnal comrades. In short, a dynamic duo! : )

I hope you don’t mind me elaborating on a familiar theme. I like all types of combinations in all-male porn. But I have a special place in my heart, where there’s a fraternal dynamic that shines through, because of great chemistry.

With some pairs, you get the sense that they’re genuinely sharing each other’s sensuality, as opposed to just getting their rocks off. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) You don’t get the sense that one is dominating the other, because they both have equal footing, bearing, and presence – two beautiful, masculine men, making love. Sentiment mixed in, with the sensual raunchiness – a powerful camaraderie.

Their scenes may end in a flip-flop, but not necessarily. These pairings have a special poignancy, because of a mutual expression of lust, respect, and affection. They look great together and are convincing as a couple – brothers in arms.

At the top of my head, I can think of many porn examples. I think of them as dynamic duos. I mentioned Michael Christopher and Neal Shaw previously, in “Big Horn Peak (1983)”.

The very earliest examples may have been the three or four vintage loops, which Jim Cassidy and Dakota made together.

And of course, you remember such classic duos as:

Jack Wrangler and George Payne in “Navy Blue (1975)”.

Al Parker and Mike Davis in “Timberwolves (1977)”.

Roger and Chuck Samson in “Deck Hands (1977)”.

Richard Locke and Will Seagers in “L.A. Tool & Die (1979)”.

Josh Kincaid and Rod Mitchell in “Blues in the Afternoon (1979)”.

Tom LeDuc and Kurt Lassen in “Muscle Up (1979)”.

Al Parker and Steve Taylor in “Wanted (1980)”.

Kyle Hazard and Mark Anthony in “Mating Games (1980)”.

Tom LeDuc and Scott Pryor in “School Daze (1980)”.

Ryan Kilgore and Gunner Hyde in “The Long Rangers (1981)”.

Al Parker and Giorgio Canali in “Games (1983)”.

Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier in ”Muscle Beach (1986)”.

Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner in “Muscle Ranch! (1991)”.

Steve Regis and Cole Phillips in “Pacific Coast Highway 2 (1991)”.

Aiden Shaw and Mark West in “Roll in the Hay (1994)”.

Trent Reed and Jake Andrews in “Idol Country (1994)”.

Billy Herrington and Tom Katt in “Conquered (2001)”.

Jake Andrews and Cannon Lee in “Couples 2: More Colt Men on the Make (2004)”.

Gage Weston and Luke Garrett in “Wide Strokes (2005)”.

Vinnie D’Angelo and Tyler Riggz in “Jockstrap (2007)”.

Robert Van Damme and Vince Ferelli in “Oops! (2008)”.


These guys look so virile together, that they seem almost heroic, if not downright, mythic. They recall such legendary male couples, found in classic myths, literature, history, films, television, and yes, even ancient religions, and the Bible.

It’s a celebration of male love and romance. I hesitate to use the description” bromance”, since I find that word too corny and cloying.

I’d rather quote from a Joe Gage film ad, “Male bonding with a vengeance!” ; )

Male bonding with a vengeance – INDEED! and those titles were just of the top off your head, no doubt! I finally nabbed a copy of Big Horn Sheep, Peak, have to watch!

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