I don’t know about you guys, but I have like ZERO interest in sex; looking at sexvideos just makes me go GET BACK! STOP TOUCHING!

But….without getting all philosophical, it will pass (right?)…. so, please, gentlemen, don’t cut off your parts, you’ll need them in the (hopefully not too distant) future. Stay well, and feel free to say HEY.

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Hey!! Thank you for continuing with your site!! It’s a nice distraction from these stressful days. Take care and be safe!!!

thank you – and you too! i don’t have “like” buttons and whatnot, so always hard to tell if folks are still visiting, so appreciate the “HEY!”

If anything I’ve been more interested in sex, or at least in watching porn lately that I usually am. A quote I heard attributed to Jack Wrangler after his marriage to Margaret Whiting seems fitting to me, and no doubt lots of gay guys these days; he said that his sex life had become very mastubatory by that point in his life, and he was by and large good with that.

I’ve been taking more of my vintage porn collection, snipping musical selections, adding slide shows and putting them on yt as I did with the Back Row one I told you about, I’ve got a few more up now and that has been a rather fun distraction to follow all the steps the way I’ve been doing that. But I’m weird, I acknowledge that and welcome it. It would certainly be nice to be getting down and dirty in real life but channeling that into the watching of porn and analyzing of music has benefits to it too, namely that it’s been something I’ve long wanted to devote the time to and decided to finally try to make sense of it, and see if anybody else wants to see/hear it also.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes places like bars, sex clubs, bathhouses etc. to re-open, I’m sure some won’t at all but others will at some point.

Take care BJ and remember, if you’ve got to go out in public wearing a mask then a jockstrap works for two reasons: one, if you twist the straps right it really does make an effective mask; and two, what better way to cruise hot guys and see if it captures anybody else’s attention?

hey! nice to hear from you, and glad to hear you are keeping busy with more YT stuff, tymatzz! I’ve bookmarked to go back later. my feeble attempt below!

honestly, husband has been doing the shopping; I’ve stuck to home, but for some beach walks, these past few weeks. I think all my jockstraps are in storage, and possible have lost their elasticity!

you take care – and thanks – love to hear form my “peeps”!

Lots of guys on cruise boards are still going to the Ramble, ostensibly for ‘distance jerking’ but, although I like risk, it’s quadrupled to a level that would not appeal to most, including me. They’ve closed N.J. parks, and should here. Much worse than after 9/11, when we were all horny (like wartime is known to make you) and I did a lot of ‘work’ in the Ramble then.

My guess is that almost none of the establishments will re-open. The high commercial rents had already run out most, but the distancing rules will continue to apply for many months, it seems–with the likelihood of arrests based on that.

You’re lucky to be where you are. I go out every day with one of the really good masks that you can re-use, and also the plastic gloves, but never very far or long, because the mask is very uncomfortable and the gloves make you sweat. Summer heat supposed to help eradicate the virus, but everything here is chaos, and attempt to re-open will almost certainly lead to 2nd wave if it already has in Hong Kong and S. Korea. Personally, I dread the heat with this kind of ghastly life. I’ve already had 11 people in my extended family have the virus, although all were relatively young and have recovered.

The 5-6 weeks before the lockdown were the most active in my entire life, I seemed to be able to get anything I wanted, so it was like a Paradise. Had WD’s for a few days, but I’ve always like to pamper and pleasuree my own equipment, so now have many more vivid images from all that bliss–it never gets old, this business of 2 men sucking and/or sodomizing each other’s bodies–and now use only one porno GIF for extra titillation for an hour or two per session.

hey buddy – thanks for checking in…. it’s a bizarre and scary time…. sorry your family got hit so hard, but glad they are doing OK; my uncle just got out of nearly 2 weeks in intensive care – 70 years old, you can imagine the worry.

It’s 15 by now, all in the South. Yours is worse, though. The oldest of mine was about 56, and had to use a sleep apnea machine for awhile, but IC is the worst–so many don’t get out of it. Glad yours did. These nephews and grand-nieces, etc., were all youngish and got it before we even knew about beyond the China reports.

I had to let it sink in several times before I really believed that crime was ‘way down’. Mainly, we had 2 burglars that someone buzzed in 2 weeks ago, and one of them was right outside my door about 5 ft. away, and I had to talk to the police. But I think it will get worse, what with so many already dependent on food banks and more to become even hungrier. All the resto food from the early days is gone, and it’s as minimal as possible. Given that I’m in the epicentre, I’m one of the most fortunate and, since there’s so little to do, eat better than I have for years. Fortunately I don’t drink any alcohol since I lost my friend in October, and think that would cause intense depression.


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