Cadinot print porn models

Cadinot’s Coverboy

From one of Cadinot’s Coverboy magazines (I think there were 3 published in the 70’s) – don’t know the model’s name, and…. working on a list of his publications.-. not easy to find info!

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Oh man, your Cadinot mags. This gorgeous creature is ALL SEX, made me even think of Julius Caesar. Just read Tom Holland’s book Rubicon, where his ‘toga with loosened-belt’ was first thought scandalous, then made him the most fashionable man in Rome. This mec has a face that could play Julius Caesar, and god, what a crotch–that’s a fucking CHURCH! His slight beefiness is all to the good as well.

Caesar’s men loved him, and on one of final campaigns one of them said to someone “Don’t get too close…he’ll fuck anything that moves”. I don’t know what kind of actor this Unspoiled Monster is, but he would get that part right. Who wouldn’t fuck and suck him? Wake up and smell the Pubic Hair.

Always love your Cadinot things, B.J. Thank you.

Wish I could help, but I’m not as familiar with Cadinot. I don’t recognize this beauty, but I can still enjoy him!

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