"vintage" porn stars


you can either say that like Superintendent Chalmers or like Lee’s an action hero…. so after responding to the previous post, I realized I had probably TWO blonds who’ve done it in a magazine with BRUBAKER! and needed more time to sort it out

probably not THIS blond from Fuck Buddies

but definitely THIS guy, from Take It All, Jeff Andrews

now the question is – is Jeff Andrews a slightly younger Colt Thomas – or is there no BRUBAKER!/Colt Thomas connection?

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My guess is that “Jeff Andrews” is not a younger Colt Thomas. Perhaps here’s why: He won International Mr Leather in 1983 and then posed for Advocate Men in 1984, *but not fully nude*, because he didn’t want to lose his day job. He was a doctor! For the Drummer #126 photoshoot in 1989, he did appear starkers, but for the first time. It even said on the cover, “finally revealed” or something. So, maybe it’s not him in this porn mag with the sexy Mr Brubaker?

Here’s a tribute:

Now, as to *who* either mystery blond might actually be, if not Colt Thomas, I wish I knew. I’m not familiar with either mag and don’t recognize the models. Sorry!

excellent link – wow – and check out the mustached guy in the pic where they are both in tuxes,,,,another print model who I don’t think has done film…. and off to figure out who THAT is!

If you’re referring to his lover Charley, as mentioned in the obituary, I guess check Blueboy covers of the 80s. It’d be so cool if you found something!

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