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as many have found in the 90’s – produce and sell more specialized stuff for some real $$$$ like here – FOOT FETISH FANTASIES – link no longer goes directly to his work, but poke around, and you’ll figure it out (and either DON’T BLAME ME – or YOU’RE WELCOME – depending on how you feel about your findings!)

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Wow. A whole side of Nick Harmon that I really didn’t need to know about. That fetish site of his is a trip. Is that what they mean when they say “dark web?” Actually, I think it’s all a lot more innocent than it looks. That bathtub pic above is adorable. But what the heck is “Psychiatric Tickling” and other things I don’t understand, but am afraid to ask about? I didn’t spend a lot of time there, but I may go back. How did you find that website BJ? I thought I had looked under every rock on the internet.

Makes me think of how before we had Google, before we had, when you wanted to know what something sexual was, like “snowballing” or something, you had to actually ask someone? Thank God those days are over.

I feel like I have seen a Nick Harmon video, but I can’t remember which one. I think there was a carnival or circus theme…oh wait, that was Nick Romano. Now, he was hot. And Steve Kennedy! (aka Luke Bender)

Maybe if those two had made a fetish website? Hmm, maybe not.

OK, Nick Harmon. You know, I know nobody asked, but I don’t love that shaved-from-neck-to-toe bodybuilder look. I think that was a popular look in the 90s, but not for me. I am enjoying the Lumbersexual movement.

Thanks for another thought-provoking entry BJ!

You know BJ honey, I’m actually glad you brought up this topic! Well done! Interesting and controversial – worth arguing!

It’s a perfect demonstration in what ways; all-male porn has improved. One shouldn’t be overly nostalgic about the past. As they say, when one door closes, another one opens.

My least favorite porn stars are Jeff Stryker, Peter Berlin, and Michael Lucas. To Nick Harmon’s credit, I don’t find him as annoying as those three, but he comes close.

Sorry to alienate his fans. No doubt, he has plenty. But as a performer, he was pretty low rent. So were the low budget studios, he worked for. What’s the porn equivalent, of a B-movie?

Commentator Bernard at “Gay Porn Obsession” is spot on, in describing Harmon as a Guido – the epitome! LOL! The name: “Nick Harmon” as an alias, really?

Don’t get me wrong! I love Guidos! I’m quite a fan of Donnie Russo, Erik Rhodes, Joey D., Josh Griffin, etc. Those are real porn stars! Harmon isn’t even all that good looking – just, over baked muscles.

Nick Harmon doesn’t even qualify as gay-for-pay! He’s never actually had sex on screen – mostly just solos or muscle worship. A more modern version of his type would be Frank “The Tank” Defeo – another Guido!

Brutus (Colt) was also butch and hot. Also pretty selfish, but at least you knew what you were getting.

In one scene, Nick actually tries to fake fuck a guy, by using a flesh colored dildo! Talk about scraping the barrel!

What a phony – how insulting! Who does he think he’s fooling? He can’t even fake it convincingly – the chutzpah!

Porn producers, sometimes really do think of their gay audiences, as salivating dogs – grateful and desperate, for crumbs!

I do have standards. I admit to being somewhat of a muscle queen – long live muscles and sex! But I’m not into muscle worship. A performer has to meet me half way.

I admit to renting some of Colt’s Minute Men series. But at least the guys are hot, and one knows that they’re just solos – no false advertising or deception!

If stars like Mark Dalton, Francois Papillon, or Chip Nicolas, are just going to masturbate; they really don’t deserve to be featured on the front box cover, of a regular porn video or DVD – at least, not in my opinion.

I consider it to be a bit of a rip-off. But then again, porn isn’t known for its integrity. Let the renter beware!

I keep harping on this. There was a bit of dry spell for macho porn, from about the mid to late ‘80’s, carrying on, into the early ‘90s. A lot of us “Alpha Hunters” really felt the drought. Did A.I.D.S, contribute to it? – Just a theory.

It wasn’t like “The Golden Age of Macho Porn”, from about the mid 70’s to the early ‘80s. I attribute Harmon’s “success”, to that void. I do admit that it’s a biased theory.

Everyone’s entitled to think, I’m full of shit. : )

There was a resurgence of macho porn, later on in the 90’s, because of stars like Ace Harden, Steve Regis, Chris Steele, Cole Tucker, Donnie Russo, Chance Caldwell, Jon Vincent, etc. – Fuck Yeah!

Those studs, didn’t scrimp – they delivered! : P

The tradition carries on, to this day. “Nick Harmon”, who dat?

I’ve noticed that today’s young porn viewers don’t celebrate “straight trade”, that much as a fetish. At least not to the extent, as viewers did in the past. I say “Hallelujah”! Not all past traditions are worth keeping.

Occasionally, you still get guys like Girth Brooks, Trystan Bull, and Geordie Jackson, etc. slip by. But now, they’re few and far between. Yeah, right on!

Even Zeb Atlas now, sometimes reciprocates. The memo is out. Being exclusively “trade”, doesn’t cut it, like it did before. Bravo to the young kids today!

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve got nothing against “gay-for-pay”, as long as the stars deliver!

To quote RuPaul, “You better work!” Don’t be so lazy, selfish, and entitled!

Whew! I’m glad that’s out of my system! Let’s segue to another “important” subject. : )

While we’re on the topic of hot Guidos, who’s the guy with the fleshy, round face, in the second picture down?

He’s tickling Harmon’s foot, in the bath tub. He’s rather cute! Does anyone know his name? I gather that he’s also wearing a Speedo.

Is he a “real” porn star? I mean, does he get naked, and really “DO IT”?

I hope he doesn’t just do “fetish” films.

Mamma mia! There’ll never be a shortage of hot Italians, in all-male porn – abbondanza!


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