because they can

because they can

I sold this Vivid Video compilation, because they can, years back, and while I don’t necessarily regret selling it, now I wanna find pics of guys who can – from my notes, that includes: Jack Lofton, Todd Stevens, Craig Slater, Chris Stone, Hans Mueller, Ted Cox, Randy Roberts, Scott Bradshaw, Tom Chandler, Drew Lang, Gavin Burke and Art Williams & more. With over 30 stars in all! (I didn’t count, but that’s from one on-line source) – some of these I have my doubt – Chris Stone?

Michael Delfino! Why don’t I have more pics of him on this blog! Scott Taylor – plenty of him, but never enough!

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I miss it too. I did it a lot in high school, could take my whole cock and balls and suck the cum out, suck myself off with no hands. I miss it now, but then I wanted other guys. I should have at least remembered to show off to some of my boyfriends–they couldn’t do it. Some of my friends thought it was disgusting that I liked to suck myself off, but they were the very same into very heavy and absurd (as I saw it) S & M at the old Eagle’s Nest. Once my father caught me while I was cumming in my mouth, but didn’t interrupt me–I don’t think he’d ever heard of such a thing. I worked out a lot in 2009 and could suck just around the head, but as I’ve aged, I’m just not flexible enough anymore.

Of the ones I’ve seen do it, the best was a Swede on a blog I used to follow in the early 00s, and that was elegant and graceful, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the blog. The best actual sucking in pro porn is probably Ricky Martinez, although he’s just plain crude in so many ways.

I think Scott Taylor was the king, or at least he was always my personal favorite. I first found him in an old straight mag which had him billed as a “sexual oddity.” To me, who bought the mag as a teenager with my straight buddies and expected to see only women, he was a gift. It was just a few photos, but I’d never seen anything like what he could do. Later, I found the magazine “Solo Suck Off” (date unknown) which had the entire photospread. I can send it to you BJ.

The only name I can think of that isn’t on your list is Johnny Harden. He would shoot buckets into his own mouth. And he could fuck himself as well. His best scene IMO was “Overload.” Who agrees? Or disagrees?

I think the guy Parisian is talking about is Al Eingang, and he really was incredibly talented, if not as pretty as some others. He truly embodied “self-love.” His videos taught me about edging and multiple ejaculations, which always went right into his own mouth. Very hot. I emailed him and asked what his record was. He replied and said he wasn’t sure, but that he would do it over and over until almost nothing came out.

As far as my own experience: all I’ll say is that we all try to do it, don’t we? Even the heteros. And if we’re lucky and can manage it with any success, we keep doing it until we can’t anymore.

Fortunately, for those of use who no longer can, there is no shortage of guys who are perpetually desperate for a BJ.

Right, BJ?

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