Fred Halsted

FRED’s Package


Package 1 – July 1976

I only own 2 of the 6 issues from this short-lived magazine, published from July 1976 through it’s last issue on January of 1977. Of special note is the cover of the first issue – I’m sure you recognize Mike Davis – interesting that his “porn name” is not referred to once in the article – should I scan and post? Oh wait, it’s up – Winn Strickland.

Package 2 – August 1976

Package 3 – October 1976

Package 4 – November 1976

Package 5 – December 1976

Package 6 – January 1977

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Was the magazine any good, compared to the newsstand competition at the time? Drummer, Playguy, Torso etc. I have a modest collection of old mags from the 80s/90s mostly, pulled out an issue of Stallion from 1982 the other night and wound up re-reading it cover to cover. I miss the days when we could all go flip through the copies on sale and base our decision to buy one on various factors, like if the stories looked good, other interesting features or if the centerfold model had a really big dick.

I would say erotically, not as good as any you mention, but there is something about having FRED’s writings, from that time, that help understand why he was as influential as he was, with so few films to speak of by 1980. Problem with so much of looking at porn, and gay life more generally, is that we are looking at it backwards, in time, as opposed to how it evolved…. think about Casey Donovan assuming he could have a film acting carreer after his first couple of pornos! Sounds insane now, but some of these guys really thought the gay new world was upon us!

Like the Winn Strickland article – it’s brief, but makes me wonder of Halsted met “Mike Davis” before COLT (1977 is the rough date for his films) or about the same time….

Fascinating! *raises eyebrow*

I love this and how have I never heard of it?

I agree. Halsted had a lot to say and said it well. I mean, so I’ve read. There’s no doubt he was influential. I would love to get my hands on these.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I have FRED HALSTED’S ” PAKAGE ” Magazine availed for sell.The cover a bit worn, the interior ,in mint condition, no tears ,stains, or pages missing.Let me know if your interested in#2-6 issues. these are from 1976

I think Winn Strickland/Mike Davis was one of the most handsome men ever in porn. A natural masculinity is reflected in all the photos. the ones from the article show how absolutely handsome he was. I can never get enough of him. His hairy chest is just an extra blessing.

I’ve recently been bitten by the collecting bug and Package has been on my radar for a while now … along with Michael’s Thing, Muscleboys and Grecian Guild etc. Have you come across any particularly good dealers/sources? Some of the issues on my wishlist are really tough to track down. Thanks! Dane

alas – nothing I can recommend – I used to scour the eBay adult section, but this no longer exists… you can still find adult on eBay, but in the general magazine listings

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