did someone say JOCKSTRAP

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re: pic #4, that’s Clay Russell munching Mark Kropp’s butt in Track MEAT, no?

You’ve got it spelled Track MEET when hovering over the pic, which was an earlier film. Brief aside, the scene from Track MEET where Duff Paxton gropes, then sucks Peter Williams before riding him in the back seat of the van, while all the other guys are facing forward oblivious to the action behind them, was one of the first scenes I ever saw in a booth at a porn bookstore, I’ve always thought that set-up and scene was insanely hot. As well as Duff, who I know is one of the guys you’ve highlighted for years here (with good reason).

re: pic #5, not sure about this but it could be Paul Gill? Or “Paul King in some promotional material for the same film loop” per gevi:

It kinda looks like a match but I can’t tell. He did a loop called Pop My Fly with Ray Connors.

Zephyr and BJ, I appreciate that photo of Paul Gill! I’m still a bit baffled by a similar locker room photo set that was in my Tumblr feed years ago. It featured Ray with another “catcher,” which I think may be Dean Goodman. DM me and I’ll share it – hopefully you can resolve that mystery.

there’s a couple pics from a magazine called Ball Games

don;t know what, if any, corresponding film it could be from

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