sometimes it’s the lamp that gets my attention, sometimes it’s the couch, wallpaper, or posters… and sometimes it’s the cocks.

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Re: pic #1, obviously the McGovern poster places it as 1972 or soon after. Is the other poster Ozzy Osborne? I never liked him, not nearly as much of a fan of hard rock / heavy metal as most other genres of music, but that was my initial guess, wondering if you or any other commenters know. I find myself somewhat distracted by things like posters hanging on the wall too, be it in pics or scenes.

That’s so weird because I didn’t even notice the posters at first. They are a little distracting, but helpful as you pointed out. Good eye!

Looks like it could be Ozzy, but I am not an expert.

Outside of the first pic, these couches are surprisingly quiet. Of course, the wallpaper in the 3rd pic is definitely loud enough. I kinda’ love it!

The guys in the 3rd pic look sort of familiar, but otherwise these are just random 70s guys to my eyes. Hot action though!

Thanks BJ!

#1 – Thanks BJ! I knew it was Alice Cooper also. Now I don’t feel so old and lonely! His hit, “School’s Out” came out in 1972. That was the same year that George McGovern ran for president. During this time, Ozzy Osbourne would have still been a member of Black Sabbath. He didn’t go solo until years later. I surprised you didn’t know this zephyr. But then again, you did say you weren’t a fan of hard rock / heavy metal. : )

#3 – I rather like this Daddy / Son picture – poignant! It would have been even hotter, if they were both erect. The cute, tattooed kid’s bush, qualifies as a carpet – jungle! ; )

It was just a blind guess on my part, I had to bring up Ozzy’s wiki article to see if he was even around yet as a part of that band. I figured, well I’m sure there have been posters made of individual members of musicians while they were in a band, like maybe a poster of just Jimmy Page while he was still in Led Zeppelin, for example. Had I opened the pic in a new tab yesterday I’d have seen the url and wouldn’t have revealed my ignorance ;) And I agree with you, whoever the older/younger combo were in pic 3, they both have nice soft dicks that I bet looked even better in their erect state.

Thank you! That makes my day! Like getting carded in a bar or something.

Also, the real reason I didn’t know is that I am like 100% pop/showtunes. Yes, I’m That Gay. I think I thought Alice Cooper was a woman until ninth grade. Could not pick him out in a lineup.

I decided to take a closer look at the first image so I opened it in a new tab, when I did I saw that you named the url “couch-McGovern-Alice Cooper . jpg” – had I done that yesterday I wouldn’t have needed to ask. Also when I zoomed way in on the image there’s just a sliver of his name visible at the top left of the poster, not sure if that was an additional clue for us younguns or if you intended to eliminate that in your cropping of the pic (or even if that was how the pic was found). Ozzy’s not a terrible guess, he was still in Black Sabbath at the time, and if someone played album cuts by Alice and Black Sabbath or Ozzy solo I doubt I’d be able to tell them apart.

Hey at least I didn’t guess Howard Stern, which was the first face from any era that the guy in the poster reminded me of, but even I knew that couldn’t be right. Though he has been doing that radio show for a long time now..

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