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this has been waiting on my desktop for over a week – can’t think of anything clever, so – class, why have I saved this unlikely pic? older than my usual, “words” splayed all over the image….. why?

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I’ll guess that it’s the red speedo it looks like somebody drew on hm with a marker. Either that or the workgloves, do you have a thing for those?

very good! – there was a time when some pornographers would photograph nudes, but then paint over with watercolor the naughty bits, so that at home, if you did it right, you could remove the paint and see the goods! An attempt to get past censors.

but the gloves – good catch! yes, I love them, but did not notice!

I assumed that “speedo” was the reason. I knew about drawing those on in strategic spots back in the 50s and 60s to cover up the parts of the models that most guys wanted to see, but wasn’t aware that sometimes they could be erased or washed off, interesting. Like a scratch and sniff, maybe? Oooh now there’s an idea.

You’ve got me trained to start scanning pics you post for weird or offbeat stuff in the background, posters or knick knacks etc. which I think is adjacent to my interest in the porn music I’ve had for a long time. Couldn’t remember if gloves were one of your quirky interests too, I started to guess the red hanky hanging out of one of the back pockets of his jeans hanging on that post. But I’ve never really known you to be all that into fisting, at least in terms of what you post on your blog.

The censored, painted over posing strap was my guess. I didn’t know you could peel off the paint. I know sometimes they would actually cut out the crotches.

This is one of the few magazine covers I’ve seen featuring Darryl Powers. Most of my pics of him are naked or in a posing strap. He was a strapping young man! I looked for the unedited version of BJ’s photo, but couldn’t find it.

I actually really have a fondness and affinity for these magazine covers. The same way I love dirty book covers. They say so much about LGBTQ+ culture at the time. I’d love it if you posted more. They’re like vintage movie posters. They’re artistic, but also smutty and just fun. I could see framing one or two and hanging in the living room.

Thanks BJ!

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