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more seated suggestions?

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Is that Cole Carpenter atop the chair in the last pic? Kinda looks like him, I don’t recognize what it’s from though. He didn’t start in porn until mid 80s or so, your pic might be older than that.

There are some shots of Tom Steele from Undercover:

… where he’s seated in a wooden chair, looking through a big pair of binoculars he’s holding with one hand, mostly obscuring his face; and his big thick cock he’s stroking with the other hand. I always found the stills from that scene very erotic. I liked the movie too, Doug Niles was in it who was another one of my faves from that era, kind of an imaginary boyfriend for me – in fact I think I had a snuggle pillow I named Doug then, yes I was pathetic ;)

oh gosh no! a shame I neglected to ID any of the pics, and now I just know it’s early 80’s, but NOT Cole.

I missed this one too.

I like the creativity employed in the director’s chair sex. Somebody definitely choreographed that!

Who’s the top man? I mean, top photo? I know you may not know b/c it probably came from a mag of unidentified models. Great uncut dick and I love the “costume.” Sailor hat and wife-beater tee. Simplistic but effective.

Thanks BJ!

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