so, I just went down a porn rabbit hole because of this – Joe Roberts at GEVI – where there is this: See the picture magazine Zeus Men in Bondage (1979) – and I don’t have the magazine, but only a few shitty captures from an eBay auction or two, and it made me wonder – who has posed for ZEUS? and what aliases do they pose under? or rather – ZEUS model names, plus other names the men have worked as. so here’s the start:

  • Ryder Knight – AKA Bo Richards-
  • Merek Flint – AKA – Leo Hooks
  • Joe Paducah – AKA – Pat Webb
  • Ray Medina – AKA – Julio Campas
  • Ron (Zale) – AKA – Lee Brubaker, Ron Barker
  • – AKA –
  • – AKA –
  • Mickey Squires – well, as Mickey Squires
  • Mark Wolff
  • Gregg Stromm – AKA – Shawn
  • Val Martin
  • Dan Pace – AKA – Rocky Genero
  • J.D. Slater
  • Robert La Tourneaux
  • Bobby Vega – AKA – Chris Stone
  • Steve Landess – AKA – Kristofer Weston
  • Teddy Dillon – AKA – Justin Banks

I already see some I’ve missed, but publish, click….

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I won’t post a bunch of links since you can easily find them yourself, but over on retro studs he has three labels on the right hand side of the page that seem relevant to this topic: Mr. Zeus Contest (1); The Zeus Collection (4); and Zeus (1). The same guy from the ‘Zeus’ label is also named on the ‘Mr. Zeus Contest’ post as Clayton McCloud. Maybe this helps, hope so.

BJ, I’m so glad you did this! I have totally been down the same rabbit hole, except you came out with much more.

Why these studios insisted on changing their models names??? I mean, who cares, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t realize that many years later guys like us would be going, “I’m so confused!!”

Also, I think I have Zeus Men in Bondage. I mean, a set of scans. I’ll send it to you. It’s very hot. I was very into Zeus Studio on video in the 1990s, even though I am not that into BDSM. THey had some incredibly hot men though.

Excellent post!! I know I can count on you for stuff like this.

I made a brief attempt…then my head started to really pound. I really must commend you taking on this project. It’s maddening.

Bobby Vega – AKA – Chris Stone
Steve Landess – AKA – Kristofer Weston
Teddy Dillon – AKA – Justin Banks

Oh, I just realized what you were going for above with Joe Roberts.

GEVI may think that he appears in the mag Zeus Men in Bondage, but I believe he is mistaking him for a different Joe. A Zeus Joe. The same Zeus Joe who appeared in March 1980 issue of Honcho. ON the cover no less and in photos by Zeus. They only ID him as Joe. And I think people mistake him for Joe Roberts.

But he is just Joe. Or maybe Joe Buck Dalton. But I haven’t confirmed that yet.

Hope this helps.

Can I get a ladder down here??? *rabbit hole*

The blond guy with the shades and the mustache and the pecs, dressed as a cop in photo #3 top/center is Hal Paul. I don’t have a known Zeus alias though.

He’s Hal Paul from California Hot Dog film loops (with Fred Halsted!)

Also known as “Blu” for Satyr publications.
And “Eric” from…not sure where. Maybe Paean Studios “Encounters No1” mag photographed by Barry Gable?
Yep, confirmed. Still don’t know his Zeus alias.

Although that really doesn’t help much, does it?

I am neatly skirting around this rabbit hole and moving on.

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