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How are there no comments? Well, it took me like a week to comment, so I don’t know what I’m saying.

OK, BJ. I know you were dying waiting for an answer…and I made the same mistake: Colt. That’s what you always think when you see these distinctive models and this kind of photography. But what’s the 2nd studio you think of?? Target. That’s part of what makes it tough to ID these guys.

Yes, he’s a Target model called Zack. He often appeared with Bruno, which is interesting. A somewhat obscure model. He’s the one you remember because of who he appeared with, more than by his name. But he’s in Dart No2, Javelin No2, Masculin International No2(remember that one?) And two Target film loops: “Bayside” with Bruno and Zack
And “Triad” with Bruno, Zack and Wade Nichols

Really hot stuff. He had a great body. He was sort of like a shorter, blonder, less muscular negative copy of Bruno. No ‘stache though. He was much hairier than in this photo.

Also, I hope 2 was his favorite number because he was ALL twos! 2nd issue of each magazine and two films. Numerology. Although the QQ 1973 kind of wrecks it. I wonder which issue.

Thanks BJ! This was fun.

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