who’s yer friend?

jeff cameron and……

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I figured I’d leave a reply here, since the other Ryan Kilgore post, is pretty crowded! (No thanks to me!) : /

I guess at this point, everyone can tell who Joe Kelly/Ryan Kilgore looks like, from the back of his neck. Still, nothing beats a hot picture, where you can instantly tell, who’s in it! : 0

Question is, why so many Target pictures of Kelly/Kilgore’s backside? Gorgeous him, of all people! : /

Here’s another Target photo, from this layout, featuring Jeff Cameron and Joe Kelly. But alas, it’s even more ambiguous, than what’s being presented here! : (

Oh well, at least it’s in color, and you can use your imagination!

If there’s a color Target photo of Cameron and Kelly kissing, that would set me off! : )

; )

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