Chain Reactions

Director: Roger Earl (1984)

Starring: Ken Bergquist, Les Price,, Danny Connors, Dwan; with Lee Stern, Davin McNeil, Harley Andrews, introducing Rydar Hanson. Cameos by Daniel Holt and Dune Hanover (bartender)

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer, or here if you want to download and save for later.

gosh, so much to say, so many tangents, where to begin. 1984, the beginning of the end. As you can see from this clip, video was beginning to replace film as the medium for making pornos, and for at least the next 10-15 years, few if anyone was able to make a porno that at least had the warmer, less harsh look that these crappy video outputs were. This appears to be Rydar Hanson’s first porno movie; you’d have to look to another film from 1984, AL Parker’s Head Trips, to see Rydar looking his best. It’s a simple 2 guys do it against a black background, co-starring Parker himself, and they really look so much better than this movie. And what’s with the lousy trailer??? Generally in porno, trailers are better than the full movies, cuz the trailer editor gets to make a little 2-minute movie and use just the best from the original 80 or 90 minutes – so what gives here? This is supposed to be a Drummer Magazine inspired fetish film, but you would barely know it from this trailer! Another thing, check out who you DON’T see in this clip – Ken Bergquist – yum!

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