vintage gay t-shirts

Hot Flash of America

how cool to have this shirt, from Wakefield Poole’s store/gallery/hair salon Hot Flash of America!

note the take off of the Arm and Hammer logo

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I’m glad he’s still here and still HOT.

Had a video of his back in LA in 1987. Lot’s of Persian men lived around me, so the fantasizes were many, all thanks to Bruno.

I found your site through JMG. I have sooooo enjoyed all the vintage stuff and your thoughts. Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Someone had to create a depository for this smut, and I’m glad it’s you.


As a former associate of Wakefield Poole’s, I am sending this image along to Jim Tushinski who is making the film of Wake’s book “Dirty Poole.” – same guy that made That Man, the Peter Berlin bio-pic.
check it out
here it is April, 2012 – I thought it was going to do a December 2011, the 40th anniversary of Boys In The Sand being shown…
So glad to have stumbled in here

oh hey – i am a (small) donor to the project! Am so glad it’s getting made, and am really really really looking forward to the release of Take One – saw it only once, in 2002, at Anthology Archives here in NYC (where Poole donated a bunch of his films)

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