morning coffee

the other guy’s thinking, “another webcam obsessed tourist gonna put my pic on his blog”

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yup! i keep wanting to turn that camera on to the guy in the Knights Of Columbus office who often sits watching the benches (not that i wouldn’t be doing the same if i had his perch!)

Hey Brian (BJ), Not sure if you’re a Marc Jacobs fan but I was wondering if you weren’t busy, if you could check out their book inventory? I’m looking for a nude men of the 70’s and 80’s photography book that was at the WeHo location. Would you be able to find a book of that sort there? I called the staff and they weren’t very helpful. Just a request, it’s cool if you don’t have time. Thanks, Daniel

what, or who, is this marc jacobs that you speak of? he has a bookstore? and its in NYC or provincetown. happy to look for you, but dont know where this is…

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