guess who?!!!?

chances are if you can guess who, you also know the name of the film

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Easy. That’s Nick Rodgers lip-syncing to “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” from Surge Studio’s “Performance”. 1981? There’s a notorious scene involving Steve Taylor and Derrick Stanton toward the end. I don’t think this flick was ever released on DVD, but I could be wrong.

very good! and Steve Taylor’s cameo with Stanton IS fantastic! apparently Bijou Video HAS released it on DVD

I will always remember this as the film where Derrick Stanton douses one lucky spectator who was blowing him with an insane amount of cum in one of the most impressive money shots I’ve ever seen!!

lucky spectator was none other than Scott Taylor (Al Parker’s bf) who you see in the above clip slurping Nick after he’s “done”

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