call me Paul

(they called me Ledermeister)

who’s your friend, Paul?

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Wasn’t he fantastic? The ultimate daddy; the original Sexy Beast. I love the expression in his eyes. Such a rascal! His grrr factor was off the charts. Woof! He goes way back to the late sixties. Before Jim French photographed him, he used him as a model for number of his illustrations signed Rip Colt. Perfectly cast as any homoerotic icon: cowboy, biker, hardhat, lumberjack; the whole Village People gamut. He actually used to be a lineman for AT & T. He was hot either hairy or smooth, clean shaven or with facial hair. He could look mean or friendly. His work with Erron has daddy/son poignancy. He would manhandle him; carrying him on his shoulder. He cavorts with Dakota in “The Meterman” where they both look huge. It’s like “Clash of the Titans” or “King Kong vs. Godzilla”. Isn’t it wonderful that he became a San Francisco stage actor, later in life? He was in a 2010 independent movie called “Strapped”. It’s rather amusing how Jim French would create alternate nationalities for his models. Judging by Mr. Gerrior‘s last name, he must have been of French, not German descent.

Can you elaborate on your comments above please. You mention “his work with Erron”, is that a movie? And I’ve been looking for The Meterman online with no success. Sorry to be a pain in the ass but he looks incredible and would like to see more of him

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