did you feel it?


“I wish this elevator would go back down so I could get a hot dog.”

directed by: Chet Thomas (1988)
Starring: Brian Adams, Troy Ramsey, Kurt Bauer, Clark Lindsay, Mike Gregory, Sparky O’Toole, Sean Laurance, Derek Jensen, Jim Moore Brad Richardson, Nick Cougar Excellent writing, fantastic acting, and special effects! – what more could one want out of a porno flick? Sparky O’Toole is in an elevator with Clark Lindsay when THE BIG ONE strikes (an earthquake) so, of course, they make do by doing each other.

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I rented this back in the day, but the only thing I basically remember is Brian Adams on the VHS cover, and Kurt Bauer on the back. Both of them were nice and beefy. Bauer had exotic eyes and a nice big rump. I’m surprised you listed the name Clark Lindsay, when he’s mostly identified as Kevin Glover. The only time he used the name Lindsay, was in “Bulge: Mass Appeal”. (I love when Bauer bottoms.) This clip doesn’t really do anything for me. Sparky O’Toole, a twink, definitely isn’t my type. Glover is one of those performers I can enjoy, depending on the scene and his partner. He was good looking, but I would have appreciated him more if he wasn’t so lanky. Imagine how great he would have looked, if he buffed out that tall body. (6 foot 5!) I will concede that he was one of the better actors in porn. You can tell he had training and experience. He also appeared in some non-porn films and the February 1986 issue of Playgirl.

I really wish i had kept this tape; brian adams is a tv reporter, i think, and he is doing the news when the earthquake hits – watching the fake set shake is awesome…

“I wish this elevator would go back down so I could get a hot dog.”

at some point after posting this, I re-bought the VHS tape (in original box) – for the dialogue alone

meanwhile – clip is update here for “mp4” file

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