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I am the meat of the night

Christopher Street Blues
directed by: Francis Ellie (1978)
Starring: Lew Seager and Giuseppe Welch, Lee Edwards, Charles Black, Dan Raymond, Roger Schuler, and Mark Hamilton
ugh; each time i go to record/convert a clip, I realize that the sound ALWAYS SUCKS! (and not in a good way); as I am recording, and watching and listening, it looks and sounds fine, but somehow, it gets distorted and by the time I watch the WMV file, the sound is horrible. And I point that out not just to explain why I so rarely do clips anymore (it is, indeed, discouraging to do low quality stuff), but to point out that despite the sound issue, you need to turn the speakers up so you can enjoy this wonderful theme song – don’t know who did it, or what the name is, but it tells us that “Christopher Street, Christopher Street, you find your meat on Christopher Street” – if only it was as true today as it was 35 years ago!

bonus points for transcribing the lyrics, and/or finding out who did the theme song!

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Lew Seager was such a stud (and I might be one of his only fans)! With the Ameros’ interest and connects in New York theater at the time, I often wonder about the identity of the writer and singer of the theme song.

I’m sure I speak for other fans, with or without quality sound, your hot vintage clips are awesome to view! It’s great to see the ‘good old days’ of hot, hairy men! Keep up the great work!! Thank YOU!!

thank you! I just searched my harddrive and had the image with the ad, as you mentioned.

But I think Billy was played by Lee Richards. Alas, I don’t have the tape any longer, but I may have the re-issue Blame It On the Night buried somewhere… Interesting, looking at GEVI, Dan Raymond is in one other film, but no notation in the breakdown by scene where he is in either film

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