testing, testing……

directed by: (1976)

ya know, I do still really care about this porno-crazed blog, i really do. in fact, i was cleaning through my archive of video clips, and it just kills me that for the last 2 or 3 years, anything new I record has that awful distorted sound, no matter what I try. so i think i’ve figured it out, and so quickly just popped in the closest videotape (i don’t think you can be more than 18 inches from a pornotape in this place…), fiddled (yet again) with the settings, and think maybe I have fixed the distorted sound. Now, of course, I ain’t gonna go back and re-record a couple years of postings, but if this is truly fixed, it’ll encourage me greatly to get back into the pornoclip postings. Whaddya think?

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Thanks for posting this and all the other clips you have posted. Been a daily (more or less) visitor to your site since I first ran across it back in 2000.

Oh, that’s MUCH better! Congratulations and thank you.

As far as going back and fixing sound on the older posts goes, that would be really awesome, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Speaking on behalf of your long-term Ramblers, we’ve gotten used to turning down the volume before the clips start.

Much love,


Steve Regis: one of the few porn actors sine the Golden Age of the 70s and 80s to have a touch of that old masculine magic. And his partner, Mike West, was one of the greats of any age (though he never did any films that I know of).

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